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Meet the unexpected expense with expected loan approval

There are some situations where you need more money, like sudden medical help, car brake repair, bill payment, urgent business trip, etc. You cannot wait until salary day, and anticipating 100% guaranteed acceptance on loans becomes obvious.

However, no one can guarantee approval of loans. You must improve your chances of qualifying for a stable income and balanced expenses. If you qualify, you can apply between £1000 and £5000. Repay the borrowed amount in small instalments within 12-60 months duration.

We conduct a soft credit check to determine the affordability and keep the interest and other charges transparent.

What are 100% guaranteed loans?

No lender can indeed provide “guaranteed acceptance” on any loan. The term here implies “ease of qualifying”. Therefore, guaranteed acceptance loans are those affordable loans for which you can easily qualify and manage the payments through your monthly income.

We accept income in any legal form like payslips, part-time income, pension, rental income, scholarships, etc. These loans have competitive interest rates as we do not ask for an asset as a security to allow 100% guaranteed loans.

You can lessen the overall loan costs by making regular payments. If you want, you can prepay a higher amount, as we provide this as a cost-free benefit. You can also pay the amount in small instalments comfortably. Choose a suitable loan repayment term as per affordability.

How to qualify for guaranteed loans with bad credit?

These loans, like payday loans, help individuals who need instant cash but have a poor credit history. We can ensure loan approval it if the borrower passes through a minimal credit check. Likewise, you can get 100 percent approval on the loan if you have valid income proof. You can apply with bad or poor credit history in such a scenario.

To get guaranteed acceptance loans from direct lenders like Figuralloans, you must ensure the following:

  • No recent loan defaults

    If your credit report reveals stable finances and disciplined loan payments with no default on any loans recently or you have paid your credit card bills, payday loan repayments, etc., you may get the loan for bad credit on guaranteed approval.

  • Name on the electoral roll

    Your name in the country’s electoral roll book helps us gauge the reliability. If you are 18+ and have your name registered as a regular voter in the country, you may get the loan despite your low credit profile. Yes, we may provide guaranteed loans for bad credit to individuals that can prove themselves as UK citizens.

  • Borrow a lower amount

    You can improve the chances of loan approval on a bad credit score by applying for an amount lower than you need. For example, if you need £2000 for any purpose with a low credit history, reduce the amount to £900. You have better chances. Moreover, you can save on interest costs.

  • Fill application form accurately

    To qualify, provide accurate details. Always re-check the application form for spelling or other errors. The details must align with the identity and income proof you provide.

  • Be ready with the proof to provide

    As you know, we ask for income proof and identity proof. You should be ready with the following:

    • Bank statements for the past 90 days
    • If self-employed, you can provide unpaid invoices proof
    • Pensioners can provide a valid pension proof
    • An authentic ID proof in any form- driving license/passport/ voting card/student university ID card.

Apart from this, keep your income expenses lower than your income. It is known as the credit utilisation ratio. Keep outgoings restricted to 30% of the income.

How does no credit check work for loans on guaranteed approval?

A no-credit check loan implies only an initial check that does not get recorded. Sometimes, it is also like a soft credit check, a critical part of loan processing. No lender provides loans without a credit screening. We are no exception.

Still, there are possibilities of no credit check loans on guaranteed approval if you meet the income eligibility criteria. We only analyse the income, expenses, and payment history before providing instant cash loan approval.

To keep it intact, you must pay the repayments till the loan term ends. If you lose your grip on payments, your credit score may drop. Contrary to it, if you manage the payments well, it may improve your credit score.

Is there a chance of guaranteed loans with no guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who helps you qualify for the loan by providing the strength of a good credit score and stable income.

Getting someone with such qualities to back the loan is difficult when you have low credit scores and need money quickly.

We have tailor-made our bad credit loans where guaranteed approval with no guarantor can be practical and you can qualify without obstacles.

This process eliminates any hassles of detailed credit checks despite no guarantor’s presence. It also helps you build credit with disciplined payments you make in your capacity.

You must be 100% sure about your loan affordability, as missing any payment can affect your credit rating.

What are the advantages of guaranteed payday loans?

In emergencies, you need a pillar to rely on for financial hiccups. You can say that these loans process like pay weekly loans. You can pay these loans in weeks rather than months. Here are some other direct benefits you get with these payday loans available on guaranteed approval:

  • Same-day loan approval

    If you need funds quickly, you can rely on these salary-day loans. We approve the loan application within minutes. You can get the funds within 30 minutes in your account, and you are ready to use them for any expense.

  • Use the loan for any purpose

    You can use the loan for any need per se. We never ask the reason until you qualify for the loan terms. Ask us if you are confused regarding the purpose of using it. Individuals apply for guaranteed payday loans with us for the purposes like paying pending utility bills, stationery and book purchases, debt consolidation, credit card bills, and small and urgent home repairs.

  • Repayments flexibility

    With us, you can choose any repayment method, like monthly, weekly, or fortnightly payments, as per comfort. The interest rate is finalised on the amount and income proof. We help individuals with low credit and income, who can manage their payments well by giving this flexibility.

    You can switch the repayment structure anytime. For example, if you want to change monthly payments to weekly payments, you can do this. Thus, you can ensure comfort and freedom by obtaining guaranteed payday loans on bad credit here.

What options may be available with 100% guaranteed loans?

If you are seeking a reliable direct lender to offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approval, you have landed right. We provide products that may meet your individual requirements and financial needs, such as.

Installment loans

These loans are ideal for individuals seeking comfortable repayments. Installment loans allow you to spread the repayments for up to 15 months to get the amount up to £10000 here.

Text loans

You can apply for quick text loans to get fast financial help. By contacting us through SMS and following the easy way, you can get swift £1000 loans. Text loans are more affordable than payday loans.

Doorstep loans

These loans prove perfect if you cannot walk out to get cash. Get help at the doors within 30 minutes of application. You can apply for doorstep loans without good credit or even a bank account.

Why choose us for guaranteed loans?

If you seek affordable and safe guaranteed acceptance loans from direct lenders in the UK, there is no better than Figuralloans. We optimise our services to the customer’s comfort. If you are applying the first time or have already done it before, you can ensure the ease of application.

Check some other benefits that you may get with us:

  • Provide a clear and easy-to-understand flexible repayment schedule
  • We never sell information to third-party sites
  • The initial application is fast, as we never keep you waiting
  • Provide flexibility to set up automatic payment cut
  • We prioritise your budget and never force repayments
  • Address any grievances you may have after loan approval with a personalised approach

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get guaranteed loans as an unemployed?

If you have been turned down in the past due to no valid income, you can consider guaranteed loans for the unemployed from reliable direct lenders like us. To us, your comfort and cash needs matter the most, and hence provide loans for minimal income.

We consider income from benefits to provide loans. You can qualify by providing the same without any hurdle or surprise costs. We grant 2 repayment holidays to individuals struggling with finances. Here, you can skip 2 payments if you struggle financially.

Who is eligible for 100% acceptance loans?

Apart from the general eligibility criteria, you may qualify if:

  • You have a UK-based residential/official address proof
  • Do you have a UK bank or salary account
  • Have regular or part-time income
  • Your income is more than the amount you want

How do Figuralloans help resolve potential risks in guaranteed loans?

We aim for affordable loans for individuals from different income brackets. We eliminate every possible risk in the following ways:

  • We call you instantly to discuss if you miss 3 payments in a row and arrange a suitable loan repayment term.
  • We grant you the flexibility to pre-pay the amount. It avoids loan arrears.
  • Grant you a 3-day cooling period with no interest. You can take back your application if you have any issues.

Where can I get a guaranteed loan for poor credit?

These are short-term loans with reasonable interest rates. Thus, you should partner with a lender that prioritises your best interest, purpose, income, and budget before approval.

Figuralloans provides guaranteed loans for poor credit if they have regular income sources. We make sure the agreement does not hurt your credit score further. Instead, we guide you to improve your credit score with the loan.

What are guaranteed logbook loans from a direct lender?

This loan type is secured against a vehicle, which is why it is guaranteed. The lender keeps the vehicle until the borrower pays off the loan. You can use the vehicle until the loan tenure. If you default, the lender can legally claim the vehicle.

Do you check my credit history before giving acceptance on loans?

Yes, we analyse every application to decide whether the person can afford the loan comfortably or not. If your credit history reveals low errors or pending payments, we approve the loan instantly.

Can you grant 100 percent approval on loans?

We responsibly grant 100 percent approval on loans only after the initial credit check. If your income and credit report reveals balanced finances, we approve. Until you can afford a loan without impacting other expenses, we provide loans.