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What are short term business loans?

The small short term business loans are another category of business loans. The companies apply for them to finance their commercial needs for a short duration. This is to get fast funding access to assist businesses in arranging additional financing without disturbing regular activities.

You can borrow between £5,000 and £200,000 for the maximum duration of 60 months.

As being one of the preferable short term business loan lenders, Figuralloans has included features in this sort of business finance:-

  • Manageable repayment term

    6 Months - 60 Months

  • Quick loan approval

    Get approval within 24 hours

  • Unsecured business finance

    No Asset is Required to Pledge

  • Competitive interest rates

    Loans on affordability


Since these loans are unsecured, therefore, no asset is required to secure the loan amount. However, we may ask you to sign the personal guarantee. Alternatively, you may have to present a guarantor with good credit history and homeowner.

How instantly can I avail short term business loans?

Small loans for businesses provide a quick and straightforward way to borrow money for start-up companies. They want to apply for a loan because no collateral is required, and they have more chances of guaranteed approval.

Our loan application process ensures comfort to every borrower, and they only need to follow these steps:-

  • Discuss with us or mail us how much short term finance is currently required. Share the documents of a one-year account and other business credentials.

  • Share your business's contact details with us, company number registered in England and Wales, and email address.

  • Get an instant quote from us, analyse its every aspect and allow us to process things further.

  • We present multiple deals in which you can make your choice according to your repayment capacity.

  • After the consent, the final deal is e-signed to allow business loan on the instant decision. We do a bank transfer of funds within 24 hours.

An Important Note: Figuralloans is committed to assist you financially as quickly as possible. Our loan experts are experienced enough to take quick decision on each loan application.

What are the key benefits of a short term business loan?

The primary benefit of this short term business bridge loan is that you do not have to pledge the collateral. It means your assets are not on the risk of losing if you make a default on repayment. These loans are beneficial for the start-ups. It is because most traditional lenders are reluctant to offer unsecured business loans in the UK.

On another point, the direct lenders like us come as the ideal alternative by offering several benefits like:-

  • Easy-to-Apply: The online platform gives the advantage of the error-free and instant loan application. You can save a lot of time with less paperwork.

  • Shorter Repayments: Another advantage with short-term business loans for the limited companies is no longer repayments. Long term repayment can put you on the risk of missing repayments. They increase a lot of burden on your business income.

  • Loans for Any Purpose: You may be running a small business, but you need a cash injection to boost the capital. Such unsecured funding option arranges the much-needed cash for you

The funding option of small business loans also has some disadvantages, like:-

  • You may have to pay higher interest rates because no collateral is required, as happened in the secured loans.

  • With the loans' easy availability, you may find yourself trapped in unnecessary borrowing that may affect your overall business financing.

  • You are already paying higher interest rates, and if you miss a repayment, it may badly impact your credit score.

  • You may not be allowed to borrow for the long term or bigger business goals with smaller terms.

How to make my company eligible for short term business loan?


The short term loans for businesses are always an easy financial way to keep the cash flow. At Figuralloans, we have added the advantages of online application and fast loan approval. Similarly, the qualifying criterion is also simple to follow:

  • As a business owner, you should be above 18 years of age

  • You must be running a registered limited company in the UK

  • You must have an annual turnover of £100,000

  • You should be trading across for more than 7 months

Once you find yourself eligible for short term business finance, you can use the funds for multiple purposes:-

  • Making an expansion

  • Paying Multiple Utility Bills

  • Making Significant Investment

  • Recruitment

  • Emergency Expenses

  • Staff Training

  • Inventory Purchase

  • Expanding Infrastructure

Does Figuralloans offer a short-term business loan for bad credit?

The credit score is an integral part of the process when you apply for a short term business loan. Your borrowing history and recent credit performance are the crucial factors to get loan approva

As the responsible credit provider in the UK, we check business credit score. It is not to determine the loan approval, but to ensure loans on affordability. Many small business firms worry about their loan chances, especially when they approach the traditional lenders

Figuralloans ensures full acceptance of short-term business loans for bad credit with only reckoning their current credit performance. If there is some improvement, you get the instant loan approval to fulfil the specific business goals.

With flexible repayments, you can also improve your business credit score by:-

  • Making monthly instalments on time

  • Paying timely invoices

  • Paying utility bills on time

  • Submitting business accounts regularly

With instant approval, no collateral and no impact of poor credit history, the road is clear for you. Apply for short term loans for start-up businesses.


Why a business has to take out a short-term business loan?

There are multiple purposes to apply for the short-term business loan, such as:-
  • Buying equipment
  • Investing somewhere for better returns
  • Emergency expenses
  • Hiring a marketing specialist on your business plan

Are small business loans a good idea?

Going for short-term loans for businesses can be a good idea, but only when you need funds on urgently. It would be best if you do not make a habit; otherwise, you might trap into the borrowing cycle.

Is there any chance of short-term business loans with no credit check?

No, a credit check is a mandatory process that every lender has to follow. For business loans, this policy becomes more critical, and we follow the same. It helps us to release the loans on affordability.

Which businesses can apply for a short-term business loan?

Any small business can avail the short term loans to bridge their funding gap:-
  • Healthcares
  • Salons
  • Wholesalers
  • Franchises
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Childcare centres
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturers

Can I apply for short-term business loans with no personal guarantee?

Most times, we do require a personal guarantee if the collateral is not there. However, we may not demand a personal guarantee if you have a guarantor with a good credit score and a homeowner. The interest rates may also vary.