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What are new business loans

Have you done enough with 10-5 job? Do you want to move on in your life with some big step ahead? If yes, then the time has arrived for you to have your income. Understand? If not, then it means the moment is insisting you have a new business life.

Starting a business is indeed a proud thing to have, but it needs a sufficient backup of funds.New business loans in the UK are those funding sources from where you can generate funds to launch a venture irrespective of any niches. Many UK businesses have applied these loans and fulfil their requirements.

Ample opportunities on start-up loans for over 30s

It is assumed that opening a business is possible for those over the 40s or 50s who have gained much experience while working somewhere.

This assumption may be correct, but nowadays, the world has changed a lot. Aspiring for a business is a dream of youth as well. Many aspirants get success, but many fail just because they do not have enough funding to do so.

We are the new-age lenders and ready to fund young business aspirants, as they have many things to achieve. We have brought an exclusive deal on start-up loans for over 30s.

Indeed, this deal is available on the same lending norms and embellished with a crucial factor of ‘Flexibility’. It means there is no compulsion of having only a good credit score. Individuals with bad credit can also fulfil their dream of having their own business.

Here are the primary benefits of this bespoke loan deal:

  • We have the flexible interest rates and repayment terms than other direct lenders in the UK. Of course, we can be the best alternative to traditional lending where specific arrangements are there. We offer borrower-friendly start-up business grants in the UK.
  • Establishing own business is essentially a dream of those who have just lost the job. If they have sufficient savings and capacity to avail a loan, they think of a start-up instead of interviewing for a 10-5 job once again. We back their aspirations and offerstart-up loans for unemployed through an online platform.
  • Applying for a loan becomes a daunting task when you have a poor credit history. Yet, it becomes an opportunity from an obstacle if you apply start-up loans for bad credit for over 30s here. Your current repayment capacity defines the approval, not the past credit performance.

Are bad credit business start-up loans on guaranteed approval?

We receive many queries regarding whether there are bad credit business start-up loans on guaranteed approvalin the UK or not.

As per the regulatory norms, no lender can promise the guaranteed approval, but we never lose efforts to make it possible for you. We try hard to be flexible enough to bring an acceptable loan offer on it based on your capacity to repay.

As applied in other loan offers, the same approval criterion works here. If you have a nice business plan and the capability to pay specific interest rates, then loans are not far away from you.

Show us that you can repay the loan within the given schedule and do everything to improve the credit score. If you can ensure us on this, then guaranteed approval can be a possibility for you.

Once you have guaranteed approval, you will obtain the following advantages of business start-up loans for bad credit:-

Quick approval

We have earlier told you that our lending policies are flexible. We follow a soft credit check policy and sometimes no credit check policy too. It happens where your recent performance is up to the mark.

Keep your current payments on time and show a better credit record now. We are ready for you to offer quick business loans with no credit check.

No collateral

You want to open a start-up business, and you must have many dreams to do so. When you apply for a business loan, the lender may ask you for putting some assets as the loan collateral.

It will be a huge risk for you to put your asset at risk. Instead, opt for our deal based onstart-up business loans for bad credit with no collateral. Apply for loans with no burden and fulfil your dream.

Here are the primary loan features:-

  • Flexible lending terms

    Providing ease in borrowing is our primary objective, and thus, we follow flexible lending terms on each loan deal.

  • Competitive interest rates

    We are dedicated to helping you in each aspect of a loan. Therefore, our interest rates are competitive in the market.


At Figuralloans, we have classified the business loan for new business into two categories:-

Business finance starts from 12 months

  • Borrow from £5000 – £50000
  • Loan term up to 60 Months

Business finance starts from 24 months

  • Borrow from £5000 – £100000
  • Loan Term up to 120 Months

What are the types of new business loans?

When someone requires business funding, lenders have the responsibility to offer various loan deals to follow the principle of ‘EVERYTHING is for EVERYONE’. As a responsible credit provider in the UK, we also present different new loans for small businesses. These are:-

  • Working capital loans: These are primarily the unsecured loans, and borrowers apply them for fulfilling their short-term business needs. Some of the uses of working capital loans are debt payments, paying the monthly rent, paying a specified staff salary for a particular project, and many more.

  • Business term loans: TThese are ideal for small or new businesses in the UK. We put in front of you several loan terms to choose anyone according to your affordability. However, you make sure that you have borrowed money by choosing the correct loan term to avoid any difficulty later.

  • Self employed loans: Yes, we have also included this category into our new business loans. The loans for self-employed people bring several benefits, such as borrowing on annual earning instead of past credit scores. These loans are ideal for young entrepreneurs and business women.


Difference between new business loans and start-up business loans

New business loans and start-up business loans aim to fund fresh companies to grow their businesses further. These products are available online and bring comfort in borrowing money.

Companies, who have just started their business, struggle initially as they have fewer resources to utilise. These sorts of loans from direct lenders like Figuralloans give a significant benefit to them. It is especially in managing their regular or irregular expenses.

Many borrowers come to us with confusion between new business loans and small business start-up loans. We are the responsible credit provider and clear all your doubts before you choose any of your deal.

New business loans
  • Funding for businesses that are already established
  • Approval on current earning and future business plan
  • Businesses with poor credit history can apply
  • The loan term is larger
  • Loans on company’s affordability
Start-up business loans
  • Funding for those aspiring for starting a new business
  • Approval comes on the strength of the business plan
  • Borrowers with no credit history are also eligible
  • Comparatively, a smaller loan tenure
  • Loans on borrowers’ income capacity

Figuralloans urge you to use a business start-up loans calculator before choosing any loan deal. It gives you a clear idea of how much you should borrow, how much interest rate, and how long.

How can I qualify my business for a new loan business?

You need to fulfil these conditions to make your company eligible for a start-up loan for a new business:

  • You must have crossed the age above 18 years

  • You must have an effective plan to have a new business in Scotland, Wales, England or Leeds

  • You must have completed a far-fetched business plan to walk further

  • You must be living in the UK for the last 7 years as the local Briton

  • You must have a roadmap of establishing self-employed, Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in the UK

Chance to get new business loans on your business plan

Starting business afresh is not an easy calk-walk. You should have planned everything perfectly, and so does its implementation. However, you also have UK government loan for new businesses, business interruption loan schemes from peer to peer lending, or business term loan from NatWest, but approaching direct lenders like us for start-up loan for new business brings the advantage of flexible lending and quick loan approval.

  • Share with us your business plan template

    We are always ready to provide you with quick loan approval, but we suggest you to share your business plan and trading history with us as soon as possible. It helps us to frame the ideal loan offer that can match your business requirements. This is crucial especially for those businesses looking to be registered in England and Wales

  • Borrow from your earning instead of savings

    We follow the authorised and regulated business lending norms in the UK while offering business start-up loans. We do not suggest you use savings for managing the repayments. We only provide affordable loans that can be repaid from the income only.

  • Maintain the cash flow to ensure repayments

    Not the credit score, but your regular cash flow maintains the significance for the loan approval. As the responsible borrower, you need to ensure your lender about the proper repayments, which can only be possible through the perpetual cash flow.


Avail now unsecured start-up business loans in the uk

Most times applying for business loans require collateral to secure the borrowed amount. The government start-up loansor loans from any other traditional lending institutions need an asset from the borrowers equal to the value of the borrowed amount.

It is a genuine process, but at the same time, it imposes a risk on the businesses. Suppose you have borrowed a significant amount for your company, but you face a financial crunch somewhere in the middle of the loan term and cannot repay the loan. This is the default you make and creates the risk for the lender about losing their lent money.

Borrowers lose their assets as the lender takes possession of them.

To counter such a scenario, we provide unsecuredbusiness start-up loans. In such loan deals, you do not need any asset to put collateral against the borrowed sum. These may be slightly smaller in amount and loan term than the secured loans, but they can be consideredrisk-free.

You get the following features of these start-up loans in the UK:-

  • Quicker loan approval: With no asset to interfere the loan process, you have a better chance of faster loan approval in your favour.

  • Ideal borrowing during emergencies: Running a business is not at all a smooth process. Instead, it does have many obstacles, like a financial emergency. These unsecured business loans and their easy online process paves the way for quick funding access.

  • Easier lending option for small businesses: The companies that have just started often face financial mess at the initial time. They can have peace of mind with these unsecured loans because there is no burden of collateral and getting loans quickly.

Can I avail new start-up loans if I am unemployed?

Figuralloans does offer new business start-up loans for unemployed people on various advantages, such as:-

  • We fund your business plans to be self-employed from unemployed and without any worry of poor credit

  • Free mentoring from our expert financial advisers while getting a loan to start a business

  • Funding for the documentation process while seeking the registration number from the concerned authority

  • New enterprise allowance for accumulating money to get the registered office in any UK city of your preferred choice

  • Specialised business start-up grants for over 30s, who are ready with a business plan after getting unemployed

Does Figuralloans offer new small business loans for bad credit?

We approve the business loan applications not based on borrowers’ credit scores. Instead, we are known for affordable loan deals even if related to new small business loans for poor credit.

Unlike other online lenders in the UK, we have higher rates of almost 96% for the bad credit business loans on guaranteed approval in the UK. The criterion changes when you approach us with a blemished credit report.

We do not consider your credit history and what mistakes you have conducted in the past. Instead, we are optimistic about your loan approval based on the current financial commitment and managing recent credit repayments.

Our financial assistance goes beyond the guaranteed loan approval and quick business funding to your financial benefits. It is because we offer a wide range of business start-up loans for bad credit in the UK. You can choose any one of them according to your affordability and capacity to repay the loan till the loan term.

Types of bad credit new business loans

Urgent business loans for bad credit

Do you need money to tackle any emergency? Apply for these loans and get the business funding within a few minutes.

Start-up business loans for bad credit

Get funding to your start-up without worrying about past credit mistakes. Borrow on your current performance.

Unsecured business loans for bad credit

There is no need for any asset to get business finance. Apply for the unsecured loans now

Quick business loans with no credit check

We do check the credit score but to offer affordable loans. We can approve loans with no credit check only in the condition of good recent performance.

Same day business loans for bad credit

Our exclusive loan deals are approved within 24 hours because of the online loan process with fewer obligations involved.

Apply now for new business loans available on both flexible and fixed interest rates.


How can I apply for new business loans?

You need to follow the following steps to apply for start-up business loans:-
  • Come online and fill out the online application form with mandatory details
  • Our representative will call you for further proceedings
  • Share your business plan via email and other requirements
  • Get a quick loan quote based on your business plan
  • Approve the loan quote, and we approve the funds for you

What is the risk involved in loan for new businesses?

The significant risk involved in new business loans is losing out the repayments. Therefore, it is essential to borrow funds according to your affordability. It helps in you paying the monthly instalments with ease and contributes to improving the credit scores too.

Can I get new business loans with no guarantor?

Figuralloans does offer you the chance to borrow funds with no personal guarantee, but there will be higher interest rates. Besides, you have to pledge an asset as loan security.

Can I avail loans for new businesses without a plan?

It would be better if you have a business plan to get adequate funding. It helps you in choosing the right loan deal with manageable interest rates and repayments. Besides, it also helps us in framing a suitable business loan deal.

Why choose Figuralloans only for new business loans?

Multiple reasons are there to approach us for the new loans for start-ups in the UK, such as:
  • 100% online application
  • Flexible lending terms
  • Same day loan approval
  • Suitable deals for any new business
  • Availability on bad credit score too