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What are doorstep loans?

Doorstep loans are personal loans that allow you to receive funds at the door. Since you receive funds at your doorstep, they are also known as home collection loans. Door-to-door loans and Doorstep loans like provident with no credit check for provident personal credit.

  • One of the significant advantages of applying for doorstep loans in the UK is that no bank account will be needed.

  • Whether your credit history is stellar or not, you can apply for these loans whenever you need funds to finance an unexpected expenditure

  • The application procedure is quite different from other small loans where the borrowers do not visit the lender, but the lender sends its representative to the borrowers’ home.

What is the lender’s approach towards borrowers’ credit scores?

Initial application approval depends on your credit score. Before the representative calls you, a lender will always run a hard credit check to know your repayment history. Each time a lender checks your score, it leaves hard footprints on your credit report. As a result, you lose your credit score. Thus, the need for doorstep loans with no credit check comes into the picture. If you are applying at Figuralloans, you do not need to be afraid of losing your credit score despite the credit check.

- Soft credit score check allows smooth approval

We provide doorstep loans with soft credit check with following features:

  • Compared to other lenders, Figuralloans offers cash loans at lower interest rates and approves loan applications based on the primary factor, i.e. income.

  • We make all our possible efforts to ensure that you do not fall into debt, and hence, we carefully examine your income sources.


- Poor credit does not halt your chances

Struggling with the less-than-perfect-credit score? Do not worry because we bring bespoke offers to you. However, you need to keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • Doorstep loans for bad credit people are not expensive as long as you take them out only when you need for emergency purpose.

  • We recommend creating a budget to cut down on expenses so that you have got some money left when the representative comes to collect funds.

Appealing features of doorstep cash loans

Want to avail maximum gains from home collection loans? You will get with the following features:

  • No upfront fees
  • Qualified loan experts
  • No hidden surprises.
  • Same-day fund disbursal
  • Funds at your doorstep
  • No need for a bank account
  • Special offers for physically disabled people

For any further information, our experts are available 24/7 and ready to offer fee-free advice to the borrowers seeking home credit loans.

How can I apply for door-to-door loans?

Applying for the loans is easiest as you can. The word ‘Delay’ does not suit here. Instead, you get everything on an instant note. You do not need to go anywhere and accumulate documents, as you can perform the process by sitting in your living room with internet access. We are going to explain the doorstep loan procedure below that we practice:

  • Fill out the online application form
  • If your application is approved after a credit assessment, you get a call from one of our representatives to schedule a meeting at your home
  • The agent discusses your credit needs and looks over your financial condition

Once the process completes, the agent provides cash to you on the spot

A promising alternative to provident loans that offer you the right to choose

Gone are the days when we had fewer numbers of options to choose from in the name of loan options. Short-term loans are always in demand because small financial requirements are recurring. Thanks to the new aged market that is versatile now due to new lenders and more direct lending companies.

Borrowers today have more options, and they can explore and exploit the alternatives to current choices. To avoid the monopoly in the market of any one lender, such as doorstep cash loans, it is vital to give the borrowers their right to choose. Figuralloans, Hugeloanlender etc., are direct lenders and have the same loan options of doorstep loans, personal loans etc., through flexible deals.

Why the market has so many alternatives to monopolistic options?

Isn’t it great to see names on the screen to choose from the list of lenders? Well, there are a few reasons behind it that you should know for the purpose of financial literacy.

  • Flexible terms and conditions -

    The lenders with the attitude to create a monopoly in the market, such as Figuralloans, have intimidating policies on interest rates, repayment plans etc. The loan companies with unfriendly deals to the borrowers cannot stay for long because people desperately look for other options.

  • Instant approval decision (actually) -

    The conservative companies sometimes only make a commitment of a speedy process. But nowadays, new names have come to the market. They are not new in their existence but surely in approach. If they say they can offer instant lending decisions, they actually do that.

  • No constraint on credit score performance -

    Any borrower can borrow doorstep loans without paying any additional fee or upfront fee with a poor credit score. If an applicant has a strong repaying capacity, one can easily get the funds within 24 hours. It always happens in the case of bad credit loans.

  • Extended loan tenure and borrowing limit -

    Of course, it greatly benefits anyone struggling with an urgent need for funds. In most of the cases, people fail to understand or notice because they are in the wrong habit of going to monopolistic lenders only.

Can I get doorstep loans today with no job?

Yes, doorstep loans for unemployed are available that have been designed to finance your unforeseen expenses quickly. We know that no one wants to stay unemployed on purpose, and unfortunately, you have no control over layoffs. It is a painful situation. You are likely not to have enough savings to tide over.

How will you manage to meet expenses arising out of nowhere if you are strapped?

Doorstep loans can help you finance small expenses even if you have lost the job recently. Please note that here unemployment means you do not have a full-time job. When our representatives visit your home, they will look over your income sources, which can be:

  • A part-time job

  • Rental income

  • Government benefits

  • Pension

  • Freelancing

When you apply for cash loans to your door for the unemployed situation, we want you to be completely honest about your financial status. Transparency will help us provide you with a bespoke loan deal. Our terms and conditions will be transparent and clear. We encourage you to clear your doubts or consult with the representative before you sign the agreement.

  • Use ‘Benefits’ as Repayment Source: These short-term unsecured cash loans are also offered, especially for those individuals, who are living on certain benefits, be it an unemployed or physical disability. Several lenders may not take an interest in providing doorstep loans for people living on benefits. Figuralloans UK does accept the received benefits as the source of making repayments. We have no hesitation because our main concern is to give you every comfort in following the loan procedure.

  • Converse directly with the lender’s agent:If you have any doubt whether a particular benefit that you are receiving will work as a repayment source or not, you can freely discuss with the agent on the spot. He will thoroughly guide you and help in getting the guaranteed approval.

  • Keep your credit score on the right track:While living on benefits, you might have a bad credit score because of limited earning sources. As we are ready to accept repayments through the benefits granted to you, it will create an opportunity to up your credit rating and generate more funding opportunities.


Avail same benefits of doorstep loans like provident at Figuralloans

We can assure you the best we can offer in terms of financing your needs. With bespoke offers of our doorstep loans like provident and Greenwood, we have taken care of your comfort where we send the representative to your home to process everything. We have formed a new path for ourselves and created a separate benchmark of doorstep lending.

Over the years, the numbers of our borrowers have increased a lot, and the main reason is:

We have added several unique features like no guarantor that further make it easier for the borrowers to have the benefit of instant doorstep loans.

Unemployment or bad credit score is just the temporary problem. We have trust in our borrowers that they will come out from it. We feel pleased to be part of their financial progress. Reasons can be anything to go ahead towards the funding options. Thus, we are inviting you to apply for our doorstep loans today and get an early peace of mind.

Need a loan at doorstep in your local area?

Find Below your city in our list for a doorstep loan. If your city is not listed here, then type in Google or Bing search engine “doorstep loan near me.”


How can I get doorstep loans near me?

It is very easy to get doorstep loans near to your location. The only thing that you need to do is go online and find out the lender offering online loan application facility to you irrespective of your location. Remember, you do not need to have a broker for this, as the direct lenders are easily available in the UK.

Which one is better: Weekly or monthly repayment on doorstep loans?

Depending upon the borrowers’ repayment capacities, the choice on weekly or monthly repayments can be decided. However, there is always a need for small discussion with the lender providing loans for bad credit people, in particular. You have poor credit, and thus, the lender may suggest you which mode of repayment would be beneficial not only in getting funds but in improving the credit scores too. Repayments are also determined with the borrowed amount.

Does the bad credit or CCJ make any impact?

Yes, your bad credit score and CCJ will make an impact on your loan chances. However, if your income is strong enough to claim timely repayments, then the lender may agree to accept your loan application and grant you the desired funding.

Are doorstep loans available with no credit check?

No, no loan can be provided without a credit check. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has not allowed lenders to opt for no credit check policy. Every loan should be provided only after a credit check, although lenders can decide whether they do a soft credit check or a hard one.

Can I seek approval for doorstep loans on benefits that I am receiving?

Yes, we can accept your application for doorstep loans and you can make repayments on your benefits. Figuralloans does not have an issue of accepting the benefits as the repayment source. Although your monthly income from whatever the sources is still the primary repayment source.