UK has only one Island city that is Portsmouth, which is a naval port for centuries. Even today, Portsmouth Naval Dockyard gives employment to the one-tenth population here. Also, the city owns a fishing fleet that sells most of the fishes in the quayside fish market.

The futuristic environment of this place demands a financial back up for its people who have vast and varied financial concerns. Certainly ‘loans’ play a good role of last-minute saviours in many circumstances and when they meet with comfort, their best version comes forward. Figuralloans has that best version in the form of doorstep loans in Portsmouth that brings financial assistance right at the door of the fund seeker.

The Beneficiary

ALL can get doorstep loans. I, you, he, she, they, everyone. However, our concern is to serve to certain situations in which people usually do not get help from any direction. For instance –

doorstep loans

  • People with no bank account – Despite living in the money driven and technology driven world some people still have traditional approach towards finances. They do not keep any bank accounts and do all their transactions in cash. If you are among them, we are there to help.
  • People with health issues – For many of you, it is not possible to leave home for job due to some health issues. Your earnings are limited and come from some freelance work, but we just want to see your repayment capacity. If that is fine then at the time of any financial need, a help is sure to reach to you.
  • People on benefits – Our funds are available even if due to unemployment, physical issues etc. you are living on benefits. No discrimination, no extra charges, get the money like any other borrower gets.

How does the doorstep funding work?

Simply! The doorstep funding works simple through some decided procedures. Have a look –

  • We receive the application

The first thing happens when you apply to us through our easy application form. Only some basic financial and personal details are required.

  • Process loan request

At this stage, we process your application on some basic parameters of affordability. This includes monthly income and job stability.

  • Approval decision

If everything goes well, the approval comes immediately. In short, you get instant approval decision.

  • We call you to fix a face-to-face meeting

After approval, you get a call from us to decide the day, date and time of meeting with our loan agent. This is the person who brings the money of loan amount to your place.

  • Visit of the agent and fund disbursement

The loan agent /credit representative visits your home and completes the due formalities. After a glance at your financial documents and some questions on the loan requirement, he gives you the cash then and there.

What is different with us?

There are certain things that are not common to find and we provide them to ensure your financial well-being.

small instalments

  • A ‘YES’ for bad credit scorers

Keep no fear of rejections if you have a bad credit rating. We accept that, prove your repayment capacity and get loan approval and then funds.

  • A ‘YES’ for first time borrowers TOO

Are you taking the loan for the very first time in the life? We can only say – ‘Welcome’.

  • No credit check is possible

Search footprint is a frightening thing for first time applicants and poor credit scorers. Figuralloans facilitates no credit check to prevent the borrower from any such anxiety.

  • No obligations apply

Whether you have a good credit or bad credit, backing the loan application from a guarantor or collateral is not required. Only the rational rule of repayment capacity works with us.

  • No upfront fee

Fair deals never come with unfair charges or fees. Same is the case with us, the loan procedures include no formality that demands upfront fee.

  • Repay the loan early with no prepayment fee

Doorstep loans are for short-term needs and the amount is obvious to stay small. This means, at any point of time during the tenure, you may feel the need to pay off the loan before the tenure ends. Fine, do that and do not pay any prepayment penalty.

  • Home collection of repayments without any charges

Remember the loan agent came to you for fund disbursal? He is the one that comes to you to collect the instalments too and there is no extra charge for that.

Need a Loan at Doorstep in Your Local Area?

doorstep loans near meWant doorstep funding in your city? You’ll get the same. Find your city and send your loan query to us by clicking here:

Acceptance criteria

This is something similar at all the places where we deal in the UK. From doorstep loans in Portsmouth to Liverpool, Doncaster, England, Hull or Nottingham etc. We are same everywhere in this criteria.

  • Age minimum 21 years
  • A satisfactory income outgoing ratio
  • Bank account
  • Mobile number (Verified)
  • Address proof
  • Citizenship proof

Today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow OR whenever you need funds at the doorstep, Figuralloans is there to serve 24×7, 365 days.

Bad days cannot stay for long in the presence of due solutions. Financial matters are same, just use the available tools smartly and achieve victory over every mess of money.

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