The concept of Doorstep Loans is new for the borrowers of Peterborough. The meaning of ‘loans’ has changed entirely after their introduction. Earlier, the loan amount used to get credited in your bank account directly. But today, you can get it delivered at your door in the form of cash. We have kept the whole process easy and simple.

Facts & Figures of Peterborough

  • It has a population of 196,600 people from around the world.
  • It is one of the 4 future city demonstrators of the UK.
  • It is the UK’s environmental capital.
  • The city was earlier known as Burgh St Peter.
  • Sir Henry Royce, engineer and co-founder of Rolls Royce was born here.
  • It was previously a part of Northamptonshire.

Need a Loan at Doorstep in Your Local Area?

doorstep loans near meWant doorstep funding in your city? You’ll get the same. Find your city and send your loan query to us by clicking here:

How is an Online Loan delivered in Cash?

Door to door loans help you skip the part of cashing your loan amount. We do that bit for you. All you need to do is click some buttons on your computer or mobile.

  1. Raise a request through our online portal for a doorstep loan.
  2. Borrow exactly what you need, and know you can repay.
  3. Collect the cash from our executive at your home.

There is a reason why these loans are often known as easy cash loans. If you wish, you can also get your application processed in front of you. The executive would come to you and assess your financial status before approving the request. Once you clear the criteria, money would be handed over to you there itself.

How does the Lender collect Repayments?

A home credit loan is repaid in the form of cash only. The repayments can be scheduled in three ways:

  • weekly,
  • biweekly,
  • or, monthly.

On each day, our executive reached your door to collect the installment amount. You can also opt to pay the entire amount in one payment itself. In case you feel that you would miss a deadline, we request you to contact us to change the schedule. Our aim is to simplify the borrowing process to provide comfort to our customers.

Is it necessary to go through a Credit Check?

Simply put- No. You have the freedom to choose between a hard and soft credit check.

  • Good Credit Score- It would not matter to you to go through a hard check for loan approval would be almost certain.
  • Bad Credit Score- Every check matters to your report and you can opt for a soft check. It is not reflected in your report and does not affect your chances of getting an approval.

The approvals for home collectable loans are not subject to just credit checks. There are many other factors that make you a reliable applicant.

Are Doorstep Loans Collateral-free Advances?

They can be if you want. Your credit history, income status and employment details are all we need to process your request. The presence of a guarantor or a security is not a necessary condition in the loan application. You are not liable to convince someone to sign your loan application for you. These cash advances come with no strings attached. They are completely hassle-free and you would never find yourself stuck during the whole process.

How is Doorstep Funding Different from Personal Loans?


Why borrow from us?

The reviews that we get are the reason why we have become popular in this field today. Our new customers are mostly recommended by their family and friends. That says a lot about the quality of services that we offer.

Moreover, our existing customers enjoy a lot of benefits as loyalty points. They are offered lower interest rates and higher amounts on borrowing again from us. We value those who trust in us and make sure to deliver nothing but the best.

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