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What are quick cash loans?

Often financial emergencies do not allow you peace of mind. Indeed, they are meant to be treated urgently, and for this, the perfect solution is cash loans.

Yes, these loans fall into the category of small loans, which ensure emergency cash needs of the individuals. There is no need to put collateral like home or car against the borrowed amount, as they are unsecured or risk-free loans. The lending norms on the loans can differ from lender to lender, but a reliable cash loan provider like Figuralloans can vouch for flexible policies to ensure smooth loan approval.

At here, you can borrow the amount from £100 to £1000, but we can offer more than £1000 with having deals on quick cash loans up to £5000 depending upon the individual circumstances.

You can use cash loans straightway for:

  • Emergency hospital bill

  • Urgent home repairs

  • Rent arrears (due to income deduction)

  • Repairing home appliance like a boiler or microwave

  • Paying university Fees

Are personal loans better than emergency cash loans?

Many people think that they should prefer personal loans whenever they need some funds. It can be a wise decision, but not all the time, you have the leverage. Getting cash loans at your door has its advantage, especially during the emergency funding needs.

Personal loans have their significance, but when it comes to financial emergencies, these small text loans work best for the borrowers.

See below which one would be better for your financial adaptability:

Personal loans
  • Most of the times, personal loans do not offer flexibility in the amount.
  • Personal loans are usually applied for a longer period than emergency cash loans.
  • These loans can be used for long-term financial purposes.
  • The repayment can go up to 60 months.
Same day cash loans
  • These instant loans bring the opportunity to borrow even minimal amount like £100 and can go up to £5000.
  • These small lending products have the smallest of loan terms like one month or three months.
  • You can use the loans only for small funding issues mostly come in emergencies.
  • One can quickly close down the loan within one year.

What are the benefits of instant cash loans from direct lenders?

The convenience of getting the loans at short notice is what you need during financial emergencies. The short-term loans are ideal to borrow the amount that your urgency requires. The direct lenders are even open to offer loans to those with no bank account, and you get the lump sum straightway.

Here are the benefits that you get with these instant approval cash loans:

  • Direct communication with our friendly agents

    You have the best opportunity to interact directly with our experienced loan agents. They are qualified enough to clear any doubt during the face-to-face meeting and help in following the application procedure without any errors.

  • Getting funds instantaneously

    When you get the opportunity to receive desired cash in your hands, you can settle any funding issue that has been raised immediately. You do not need to wait for long, and there is no hefty paperwork to follow.

  • Instant approval

    Another benefit of such sorts of payday loans is that you get instant approval without many formalities to follow. Primarily, you get the approval on the same day and exactly happen with same-day fund transfer.

Turning impossibility to possibility - cash loans for bad credit

The lending institutions want to know the credit scores of the borrowers to know their credibility towards the financial system. When a person has a poor credit score, the lenders usually hesitate to offer loans because of their incapacity to make the repayments. This indicates that the loans are mainly offered to those with good credit ratings.

Alternatively, the direct lenders have opened up the lending doors to get cash loans today for bad credit people. The criterion to get approval is the recent financial performance where the borrowers are showing signs of improvement in their credit profiles.

Sometimes, circumstances do happen where you are unable to make the repayments of your previous loans or accidentally fall into the electoral roll. The direct lenders in the UK do see this as an unintentional happening and ready to offer loans despite low credit rating.

The factor of no guarantor

Figuralloans knows that a person with a blemished credit report often finds trouble in managing a guarantor. It is why we have come up with specific borrowing options like bad credit loans with no guarantor requirement. Poor credit history does not create hurdle in your way; instead, you should go for the credit option and save your finances. Therefore, we specifically offer doorstep cash loans for people with bad credit.

What are the Specific Features of Fast Cash Loans for Unemployed?

The facilities of the direct lenders go beyond when they offer cash loans to your door for the unemployed situation as well. Being a jobless person cannot restrict you to borrow funds. Instead, you can carry on with your application for emergency cash loans for unemployed based on the government benefits that you are receiving.

Here are the attributes of these borrowing options:-

  • These small loans are quite similar to the payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders. You receive funds instantly and repay on your next salary day.

  • The lenders may bring cash loans for unemployed people with no bank account. They offer doorstep lending service for them where the agent visits borrowers’ home and process the loans.

  • One can also name these loans as the guaranteed loans for unemployed because there is almost no chance of loan rejection. Lenders are satisfied with the benefits or the part income that you are earning.

  • If the borrowing amount is small and you can manage the repayments from those benefits, then lenders may agree to offer these unemployed loans with no guarantor as well.

Risks involved in cash loans to your door

There is no denying the fact that these quick loans in the UK have several benefits for the borrowers. At the same time, you should know the risks as well as involved with these lending products.

  • Higher interest rates:Like other small loans, these have higher interest rates too. Since no collateral is involved and the borrowers have the poor credit scores, the lender may keep the loan rates on the upper side.

  • Credit check: Lenders are obliged to check the credit scores of the borrowers, and this may be an alarming factor for the borrowers with less-than-perfect credit scores. You should protect yourself from a hard credit check to further damage your credit record. Thus, Figuralloans performs a soft credit check if your recent financial performance is satisfactory.

  • Not ideal for long-term funding:You cannot rely on these loans for long-term financing. Instead, you should go for these cash loans for cash emergencies only. Otherwise, you have to go through a proper credit check and documentation.

How simple is to get cash loans at Figuralloans?

Availing the online cash loans at Figuralloans is simple and straightforward. First, you need to qualify and then apply for loans through easy steps.

  • Decide the loan deal

    We have plenty of small loan deals for you. You have the liberty to choose any deal according to your current financial need. Remember, we only offer a loan that is affordable to your financial capacity.

  • Be eligible

    If you are above 18 years of age and a UK resident with earning a regular income, you can easily become our eligible borrower to choose any of our loan deal.

  • Complete the online formalities

    Fill the online form on our website with mandatory details that should be accurate as well. Once you fill the boxes with the required information, submit it as soon as possible.

  • A perusal of your loan application and credit score

    We quickly go through the details and perform a mandatory credit check. It will take only a few minutes and soon after we approve your loan application. If the process is taking time, it means we need more information from you.

  • Same day fund disbursal

    As soon as the loan application is sanctioned, we transfer the funds instantly to your bank account. Those who do not have a bank account can avail our cash-at-the-door facility.

If you are struggling with the ongoing financial mess, contact us early and apply for cash loans now!


How can I get emergency funding on fast approval?

The best way to get emergency funding is to apply for small cash loans. You may find options like personal loans or unsecured loans, but cash loans can only give you instant financing. Apply online and get the cash at your home from the online lender.

What are the best cash loans in the UK?

Many features are making the best cash loans in the UK. These are:

  • Loans should be available for bad credit people
  • Borrowers should have the ease of applying for loans
  • The interest rates and repayments should be flexible
  • Loans should be available as per the borrowers’ affordability
  • Where a lender is doing soft credit check of the borrowers’ profile

Which lender can give same day loans straight away?

Only the online lenders can provide such facility. Figuralloans also provides the same facility of instant funding irrespective of borrowers’ employment or credit score status. You need to apply online, and we will send our representative to your home. The agent will describe everything in front of you and offers the cash in hand.

Are cash loans safe and secure?

Yes, Figuralloans vouches for safe and secure cash loan application. The personal details will not be revealed to anyone, and your credit score will be kept only here and not come out in the marketplace.

Why should I approach only online lender for cash loans?

There are multiple reasons to apply for cash loans from online lender only:

  • You get the instant approval
  • You do not need any broker to approach
  • There are fewer chances of making mistakes
  • Fewer numbers of loan obligations
  • Soft credit check process