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What are short term loans online?

Personal loans are accessible in different forms concentrating on varied financial problems of the borrowers. There is long-term financing available like mortgages, bridging loans, logbook loans and secured loans, offered on significant obligations to fulfil. For the cash emergencies, short term loans provide the better alternative to boosting your finances. Available on fast approval, these are easy-to-qualify loan products.

The small loans are among the perfect ways to get money and repay it within a short period. Unlike long term financing, this can be completed within a few months by making repayments on a weekly or monthly basis.

These instant short term loans are the perfect alternative for those having a bad credit history. These individuals have limited access to the borrowing products as high street lenders, and traditional financial institutions do not agree to their loan application.

Figuralloans see beyond your poor credit history and focus only on your current credit performance. If you are improving well in your financial record, we are ready to offer you affordable short-term loan deals.

No hidden fees

Only the interest rates that you have to pay, as there is no other loan fee or upfront charge is involved.

Loans based on income

Irrespective of your credit history, you get the approval on your current income capacity.

No affect no credit score

Whether your application is approved or not, it will not have any impact on your credit score.

What are the benefits of Figuralloans short term loans?

Do you need small cash loans for urgent spending needs? We offer you the same through the digital platform and assist financially with offering loans on affordability. These funding sources are ideal for calming down several near term financial requirements and bring multiple advantages when comparing to traditional lending.

During the need of urgent funding, you can think of several advantages of online short term loans in the UK from a direct lender:

  • High loan acceptance rates

    The conventional lending keeps strict rules on lending for people with bad credit history. In contrast, online lenders seem more flexible to their approach and ready to accept loan applications despite lack of good credit ratings.

    The loan approval largely depends upon your income status and your affordability to make the loan repayments. However, the credit providers do check your credit score but as the short-term loan specialist, they are more in favour of offering loan approval on your steady income.

  • Instant money disbursal

    Short term loan lenders provide the suitable procedure to bring fast funding for the prospective borrowers. As soon as your loan application gets approved, we quickly release the borrowed amount to your valid bank account. Most times, we release funds within a few minutes, but sometimes it may be done in a few hours.

  • Flexible repayment terms

    Getting the best short term loans gives you an edge for the people with bad credit, as they can repay according to their comfort. They can make the repayments according to their ability and on a specific time.

  • Convenient application procedure

    Figuralloans offers the convenient loan application procedure consists of a single page application form and a few steps to follow. You can complete the procedure within 5 minutes and get the approval after a few minutes.

  • Borrow as per your need

    The small loans do not remain consistent in terms of the amount offered to the borrowers. You can borrow as little as £100 to the maximum £10000 depending upon your current financial need and affordability to make the repayments.

Why should I apply for short term loans?

Every loan is offered with the special purpose like car loans for purchasing a new car or business loan for fulfilling the business needs. Getting the cheap short term loans and that would be on cash at the door service give you an advantage of fulfilling emergency cash needs. Here are the circumstances where these loans come beneficial:

  • To repair the cars:

    A sudden technical fault in your car can cost you hundreds of pounds. You can manage the cost by sending a text to us to get emergency cash funding. As repayments are flexible, it will not put the extra burden on your pocket.

  • To manage the medical bills

    Surely, the pandemic has done quite a massive effect on your finances. These cash loans do help you a lot in getting the funds to pay hospital bills or purchasing the medicines.

  • To put value to your property:

    From time to time, you need to improve your home by making significant changes and increasing its value. You can do this by applying for short term loans and raise the property’s resale value.

  • To manage holiday costs:

    Do not let your financial insufficiency to restrict you from the holidaying anywhere. Continue to your holiday plans by managing the expenses through these personal loans.

  • To purchase household items:

    During any celebrated day like Christmas or the birthday of any near and dear one, you want to buy a new household item or to gift someone on the special occasion.

How short term loans different from payday loans?

Many people assume that they are getting short term loans from lenders, which have the same features as the payday loans. Yes, both the products are common in providing quick funding on a small amount. Still, they are quite different from each other on many points.

Short term personal loans
  • These loans can go up to 60 months depending, upon the borrowers’ need.
  • There will be no late repayment charges.
  • Short term loans are more suitable for the credit rating’s improvement with longer duration than payday loans.
Payday loans
  • These loans can be repaid in one lump sum on the next salary day.
  • You may have to pay additional fees if you miss the repayments.
  • Payday loans last for maximum one month, and you can hardly make any enhancement in your credit profile with them.

Are short term loans effective for my credit ratings?

The direct lenders in the UK want to know the borrowers’ credit scores to know their eligibility for the short term £1000 loans. If you are recently doing well in credit repayments and showing signs of improvements, then Figuralloans is always ready to help you with instant short term loans for bad credit people.

You can repay the loans in a smaller period, and with flexible lending of the online lenders alongside steady monthly income, your task becomes a lot easier. We will perform mandatory credit check but vouch for that it will not leave any footprint to your credit profile.


Our efforts are to help you in improving the credit scores and regain the borrowing chances in the marketplace. However, you need to do these things:-

  • Analyse credit use

  • Focus on timely repayments

  • Pay off debts early

  • Evaluate your credit score

  • Seek right guidance

  • Borrow on affordability

It is time to fulfil your urgent cash needs. The short term loans offer you flexible financing and bring instant decision for you. Apply now!


Does Figuralloans offer short term loans with no credit check process?

No. Every lender has to perform the mandatory credit check of the borrowers for ensuring loans on affordability. Many people are searching for short term loans with no credit check because they struggle with their bad credit ratings. However, a credit check is a good practice for both lender and borrowers’ point of view.

How are short term loans for unemployed possible?

Short term loans for unemployed people are possible with the benefits that they are receiving. Lenders are ready to accept the borrowers’ received benefits as the repayment source. Besides, they can also show their part-time income to ensure repayments.

Can I apply short term loans with no guarantor?

Yes, you can apply for short term loans with no guarantor, especially when you have the bad credit score. Since the borrowing amount is small and you can manage the repayments from your monthly income, we think you can apply with no guarantor’s involvement. However, interest rates will be higher.

Are short term loans at Figuralloans provided on the instant decision?

We follow the online procedure to offer short term loans for our prospective borrowers. The process does not involve too much documentation, and thus, approval comes early, probably after a few minutes of the application submitted.

For how long short term loans are offered for?

The maximum of 60 months are assigned for short term loans at Figuralloans. However, you should decide the loan term as per your financial need and capacity because we only offer loans on the affordability of our borrowers.