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Small business loans for women to help you fly higher

56.4% Women in the UK Want To Start Their Own Business

With this interesting figure and possibilities of an increase in the percentage of women entrepreneurs, we can talk about the significance of small business loans. All over the world, women business owners are considered strong and successful. They are super in management, perfect in handling stress, brilliant in decision-making. With the right backing of adequate funds, the ‘She’ part of population can contribute to the economy.


  • 1 year….………….5 years

Figuralloans is a direct lending platform of business loans for womenwith rational deals and feature of personalised pricing. Among the thousands of borrowers, we have a considerable number of women business owners. The loans aim to offer financial ease on the one simple condition of repaying capacity. It means an applicant with a promising capacity to pay instalments can always get the best deals on instant approval.

How do business loans work?

Business loans work through a simple and predictable procedure that every fund seeker can follow easily without any stress. The terms and conditions are reasonable and not annoying.The process to apply is short and speedy. Every loan deal comes with a commitment of timely fund disbursal after approval.

  • The applicants can visit our website to calculate the monthly and annual cost of a certain loan amount

  • After working on the cost statistics, apply from the website only through a simple application form

  • We study the financial and personal details through online verification to release a final decision.

  • Once approved, we provide the final loan agreement, and once it is signed, we transfer the money online.

Features of business loans for women in the uk

There are generic features for the loans, with some newly added ones to calm down the destruction caused by the corona pandemic. We try to satisfy the concern of the borrowers in every aspect. Whether it is about their concern on the maximum desired amount or the wish to get a lower rate, our team is always at work.

  • Loans designed specifically for women

    Unlike the other lenders, we design specialised business loans for the specific needs of women entrepreneurs. Customisation prepares the deal to suit everyone from an ambitious wife to a single mother.

  • Women relationship managers on-demand

    Sometimes, our women customers express the wish to have a female loan representative, and we happily fulfil that need. They are available from day to 11:00 pm in night.

  • Every deal accompanies doorstep service

    The women borrowers can also ask for doorstep business loans. As we have experienced many run their business from their home, it is a significant service for them.

  • Fixed interest rate despite pandemic chaos

    With the aim to give more certainty to the women users, the loan deals carry the fixed rate of interest. The borrowers can enjoy the fixed instalments without any anxiety about up and down in interest rates.

  • Acceptance to bad and fair credit score status

    The only mandatory condition to qualify for business loans is a strong repaying capacity. If the applicant can prove that, we can offer instant approval. The incidents of delayed payments must not be consistent.

  • Change repayment plan in the middle of the tenure

    Financial issues can occur anytime irrespective of whether a borrower is in the middle of the loan tenure. In case of any issue, the borrowers can contact us to change the repayment plan to a more suitable one.

Extended amount limit for existing borrowers

Many existing borrowers for business loans for women have exploited the opportunity of the extended loan amount. The borrowers with good payment history with us always get a bigger maximum limit next time.

  • The borrower who made regular repayments in the last loan can borrow larger next time
  • We also offer considerable flexibility in the rate of interest as a gift to promising customers
  • The relationship managers design the best possible deals depending on the past experience

Women entrepreneurs with no credit history can apply

The women who are planning to enter the business world and have no credit history should not feel weak. According to our market research, most women think that investors and banks do not take them seriously.

At Figuralloans, we judge two things -

  1. Strength of business plan
  2. Financial capacity to pay instalments

With these two features, the fund seeker can always find a way to funds and then succeed in her entrepreneurial journey. Beyond the stereotypical perceptions about women business owners, we offer loans with rational lending policies.

Give wings to small business with ample money

Success does not see the size of a business; it can visit any commercial entity that is doing good in its sector. There are millions of small size businesses that are earning huge from a little working space. The world is digitised now, and you do not need to own a particular infrastructure to start a business. Women are exploring this opportunity, and they are doing well, which is why we approvesmall business loans for womenon flexible terms and conditions.

  • We do not want to see any particular office space to fund money.
  • The monthly and weekly business earning is our parameter to judge.
  • Consistent profit is what we want otherwise it is complicated for us.
  • No obligation of guarantor and collateral but financial stability is vital.

How to qualify for business loans for women?

The conditions to qualify for funds are simple because the complete procedure happens online. With virtual verification of the personal and financial details, the applicant can get funds in a short while. Way to money for business progress is convenient; the need is to arrange every condition perfectly. Proper application has no chances of rejection.

Why bad credit payday loans right for you?
  • For start-up owners, 6 months of the business account is necessary to own.
  • The business accounts should be well-organised and signed by a government registered accountant.
  • A business account with a saving equivalent to the instalments of up to 6 months.
  • Multiple applications with multiple search footprints are not suitable
  • Proper arrangement to maintain a good cash flow.
  • There should be a back-up plan to pay off the debt if business gets into a loss.
How to qualify as an existing business owner?
  • Business accounts of minimum two and maximum of three years
  • Business accounts of minimum two and maximum of three years
  • A business account with the money equivalent to the instalments of at least up to 3 months
  • The applicant should not be in a debt trap or multiple debts
  • Stronger cash flow as compared to start-ups
  • Recent timely payment of business bills and debts is necessary

Why Figuralloans for business loans for women?

Our only aim is to keep the confidence of our borrowers high, which can happen only if they will get a good experience from us. With the help of multiple features and traits added to our lending services, we make things smooth.

  • Higher approval rate with 99%

  • Timely reminders for repayments

  • Simple application procedure

  • Competitive rate of interest

  • Personalised pricing on all deals

  • Payment holiday despite bad credit

  • Seasonal and festive offers

Figuralloans is always ready to support the spirit of businesswomen in the world of commerce. Our loan deal statistics always match the financial needs of the borrowers. We give certainty through logical calculations through a loan calculator. From thestart up business loans for women to the funding options for the established ones, we have easy funding choices.


What are small business loans for women?

Small business loans for women have dedicated business funding products for the women entrepreneurs. These loans can be applied for either starting a new business or managing the emergency funding of the existing firm. Small business loans for women are available for the short term with limited funding.

How is a small business loan for women different?

Small business loans for women are different from other standard loans because these are available for single women or those women aspirants who want to become self-employed. As a businesswoman, you need to have an efficient business plan and the ability to repay the loan.

Can I get a small business loan for women with bad credit?

The online marketplace of the UK does offer small business loans for women with bad credit. However, you might not be able to get more extended funding, but approval is there on competitive interest rates if you approach a lender with flexible lending norms.

How do I qualify for a small business loan for women?

Given below are some general qualifying requirements for small business loans for women:-
  • You must have the capacity to repay the loan;
  • You have crossed 21 years of age;
  • You should have a working business plan;
  • You must be residing in the UK for the last seven years;
  • You should have had a stable income for the last two years.

What are the common uses of a small business loan for women?

Small business loans for women can be used for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Starting own business
  • Adding infrastructure to your business
  • Opening company’s branch to another location
  • Consolidating business debts
  • Buying gadgets to set up in the office
  • Funding a new project
  • Hiring marketing expert