If you are here, you already know what we do. Still, you might be curious to know "Why" we do it. And it is important, too. It is because we are not here to provide loans simply but to provide one by understanding customers' needs better.


We understand that applying for a loan is a big decision. It requires careful financial assessment, loan affordability analysis, collateral to provide, etc. Everything seems confusing to most borrowers. Struggles get challenging with getting a loan with a bad credit history. Thus, most people end up filing for the wrong loan or face rejection.

Our prime motive behind starting Figuralloans is affordable and well-educated loans. We do so by helping customers find the right loan to get it affordably. We ensure so with -

  • Simple Application
  • Easy Eligibility Standards
  • Instantly Communicate Errors (If Any) For Quick Finance
  • Provide Documentation Requirements After Initial Checks

We do not let you feel like a lone warrior in your financial journey. Instead, support is consistently provided through multiple communication channels, like text, video conferencing, and calls.

This real-time communication accelerates the process with detailed understanding on both ends. We never hesitate to answer any query. Instead, we dedicate our best efforts to clearing your confusion and providing a well-analysed loan.


Our Secret Sauce to responsible and affordable lending

Since our inception in 2015, we have a base of over 25000+ happy customers. This is due to our constant dedication to prioritising customers' concerns above profits. That's why the first-timers may feel relaxed with the loan procedure. We do so by ensuring affordable and responsible lending.

Simple Affordability Assessment

  • Basic credit check that leaves no credit imprint
  • Align your cash needs with income-proof
  • Grant funds within 15 minutes if finances comply with the terms


Responsible lending structure forms the core of our business, not merely as a regulatory obligation.

Instead, our objective is to provide transparent, easy and comfortable loans. We keep a bar and provide personal and business loans with capped interest rates. You never get less than what you qualify for. Alternatively, we never give an amount over what may hamper your other liabilities.

Other features of our responsible lending include:

  • Every application undergoes a basic credit check for affordability analysis
  • We review interest rates according to market fluctuations to ensure customer convenience
  • Employment history and income decide the amount you get
  • We do not guarantee loan approval without basic checks

You do not need to hurry! Neither do we rush to approve!

We give you the flexibility to make your final decision on the loan. You have 2 hours to analyse the terms of the agreement and discuss them in case of confusion. After that, you may proceed with the loan approval and funds sanction.

To better understand our loan approval process, check out our “How it works” page.

Can’t get quick finance due to bad credit score? We may Help!

You do not have to worry about poor credit status anymore. We provide bad credit loans based on affordability and credit score as the prime criteria. You can get the loan quickly without detailed documentation and credit checks.

We believe an individual is more than just what a credit history depicts. The majority of our loan offerings address poor credit histories. These may include doorstep loans, text loans, cash loans, and no-guarantor loans. You may get these by just proving your income affordability. Unemployed, self-employed, retirees, students, and tenants may particularly benefit from our offerings.

Loans to get with bad credit When to apply
Doorstep loans It is helpful if you need around £1000 urgently at home/office space
Text loans If you lack internet connectivity but need cash for short-term needs.
No guarantor loans No guarantor loans are ideal if you need instant finance without involving a third person
Pay weekly loans Need up to £5000 from home itself. You can either get cash at home or online. You can pay the dues in 12,24 and 36 weeks respectively.
Cash loans It is ideal for emergency expenses like bill payments, car repairs, urgent home repairs, etc. The unemployed can apply.

Why choose Figuralloans as your instant cash partner?

We don't just believe in simply lending loans. Instead, assist individuals in improving credit scores. With free advice and consultation, we help you create a better financial lifestyle needed for achieving your goals. Here are other reasons to partner with us for any cash requirement:

  • We provide flexible and affordable repayment plans
  • We provide business loans to even self-employed without detailed document
  • We offer same-day funding on loan approvals
  • Special considerations for individuals needing money after-hours
  • Faster turnarounds with e-signatures from anywhere
  • Availability of live support 24/7

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

The below section discusses some important queries that you might have regarding loan approval and application:

How do we help if you can't afford the loan anymore?

We also help customers manage loan payments if finances fall. We do so by:

  • Providing the flexibility to re-schedule payments
  • Flexibility for overpayments without additional charges
  • Facility to halt interest costs and payments for 2 months
  • 1:1 discussion with the representative for a suitable solution

What increases the loan approval chances at Figuralloans?

Yes, some parameters improve your chances of getting an instant loan with Figuralloans firm. These are:

  • Stable finances with at least 3 months of responsible payments
  • Avoid multiple applications at a time
  • A consistent and authentic income-proof
  • You must have the required documents, such as ID, payment slip, bank statements, and credit report to get the loan.

What precautionary measures should I take to avoid default?

A loan default affects your credit score and finances. You can avoid it with Figuralloans by taking the following actions:

  • Analyse your condition and calculate the amount you can pay
  • Contact us immediately before skipping a payment
  • Keep proofs of income drop or business loss ready
  • Request to stop direct debit facility
  • Be transparent about the situation. We may help you provide a suitable solution.