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What are text loans? A way to get emergency funding!

A mobile phone or we should say a Smartphone has made our lives easier than before. You can do shopping online, exploring the search engines and of course, interacting with your near and dear ones irrespective of their locations with your mobile phone.

Are you familiar with the fact that you can use your phone to apply for a loan? Yes, you can.

The people living in the UK are using text loans to their greater effect, especially when they are facing unexpected expenses. You can use your mobile phone to text for loans to the lender and wait for the approval that usually comes within 90 minutes.

According to your income capacity, you can borrow the amount from £100 to £1000 even if you have the poor credit score. However, the lender will offer the loans according to your affordability and grant funds that you can repay without any obstacles.

Our text loans are available 24/7 for every borrower on three features:

Loans for everyone

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, employed, unemployed or self-employed, you can apply for mobile loans.

Loan approval in minutes

Your flawless loan application brings quick approval from us. Once approved, we release the cash within 15 minutes to your bank account.

Free no-obligation quote

We do not charge anything to quote you a perfect loan deal. Familiar us with your need and capacity, and we send a free quote with no obligation.

How our small text loans process further?

The mobile text loans in the UK have some similarity to the instant payday loans. Both the lending products have similar features like quick approval, fewer obligations and availability for the poor credit people. However, the main difference lies in their application process, where text loans have the upper hand in terms of simplicity.

At Figuralloans, we have a simple and straightforward application process that includes a few steps to follow. These are:-

  • Register with us

    You need to register with us to get the instant benefits of the loans. It has the advantages for both of us, as you do not need to inform us with your credit profile again and again while we can go through your loan requirement more quickly.

  • Fill the online application

    In the next step, you need to fill the online application form available on our website (or you can also click here). You need to fill the personal details that should be true and genuine.

  • A quick credit check

    Once you submit the loan application, we quickly go through your credit score as it is the mandatory process. However, we assure you that it will not leave any footprint on to your credit profile.

  • Fund transfer in 90 minutes

    Once everything is done, we transfer the desired amount through a quick bank transfer on the same day of the application submitted.

  • Loans are easy To repay

    We offer you flexible repayment options. Both weekly and monthly repayment terms are available in between you can make your choice.

Thus, getting the same day approval is the significant benefit of loans by text.

The advantages of mini text loans from direct lender

There are many advantages of applying for text loans from direct lender only. These are:

  • Easiness of applying:

    The biggest benefit of these small loans is that you can apply for them anytime and from anywhere. You only need to have a mobile phone that you obviously have to approach us for the loans.

  • Less number of obligations involved:

    To get cash by text, you do not need too much documentation or collateral to submit. Only basic criteria are there to fulfil, and a quick credit check process is there. If you are above 18 years of age and working somewhere to earn monthly income, you can register with us as our borrower and apply for the loan. You should also have an active bank account.

  • Convenient monthly instalments:

    Once you borrow money from the direct lender, you can manage the monthly instalments from your income. We offer flexible repayment terms according to the affordability of the borrowers.

  • No broker fees to pay:

    There is always a chance of availing text loans with no broker interference. The private lenders in the UK like Figuralloans have the wide online presence, and you can approach us directly to save both money and time.

Can I avail instant text loans with bad credit?

Several online lenders are offering lending products that are specifically designed for people with bad credit history. The mobile loans are not the exception in this regard. Whether you are looking for £100 text loans or £1000 text loans, you have every chance with us to borrow money

In such a policy, the credit check will be done but in a soft manner and the approval is largely based upon the current financial and income status. Lenders do not mind if you had previously missed the repayments, but your recent performance should be satisfactory.

Irrespective of your credit history, you can take full benefit of Smartphone technology to apply for a small cash loan by sending a text message to us.

As the responsible direct lender in the UK, we aim to provide the personalised loan offers according to the specific financial needs. With us, your poor credit does not make any difference, and the approval is there according to your affordability.

Depending upon the same factor, we may accept your application if no guarantor is there to assist you in making the repayments. While providing text loans for bad credit people, we follow all the laws prescribed by the Financial Conduct Authority while doing borrowers’ credit assessment.

Is there any possibility of text loans with no credit check?

A credit check is the vital part of the lending process, and the FCA has mentioned that all the lenders have to perform a basic credit check of the loan applicants. The same thing happens to small text loans with no credit check, as they are not in the permission by the UK financial authority.

Borrowers should feel satisfied if the text loan lenders do the credit check. It clears their way for smooth approval, and they can take it as a chance of improving their credit scores. At Figuralloans, you find the right guidance of our loan experts, who are ready to guide you with fee-free advice.

The best way to counter unexpected expenses is to get instant funding access. Text loans in the UK do the same and offer borrowers-friendly loan deals that you can apply now!


What is the difference between text loans and text payday loans?

Although both the lending products are for limited funding access and use in unexpected expenses, still they are different from each other based on their application procedure. As the name suggested, the mobile text loans are applied through your phone or Smartphone while payday loans are generally applied via PC or laptop.

Another thing is that text loans can be repaid in more than one instalment while borrowers have to make the repayments of payday loans on their next salary day.

Are text loans available for unemployed too?

Yes, text loans are available for the jobless people. A few direct lenders are accepting applications of the unemployed people and ready to accept their benefits as the repayment source. However, the approval may also come based on their part-time income or self-employed status. The interest rates will be on the higher side.

Why is it difficult to get text loans with no credit check?

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), any lender cannot provide loans with no credit check. It is the mandatory process to check the trustworthiness of the borrowers and to offer loans according to their affordability. At Figuralloans, all loans are subject to a credit check, but still, the approval rate is very much high.

Will I need to pre-register even if I am applying for £100?

It would be better if you pre-register with us because it opens up the gate for quick approval whatever the amount you choose. If you do so, then we may not need to check your past credit, and we can bring acceptance to your present scenario.

Does Figuralloans offer doorstep cash service on text loans?

Yes, we are offering text loans on cash at the door service. The application procedure will remain the same, but we send our representative to your home for transferring cash and also for collecting the repayments.