Newcastle, the eighth most populous place (in urban area) in the United Kingdom. As an extension to its efforts of growth and development, the city is the member of the Core Cities Group of the UK. To keep moving on in the future, this city is in a certain need of financial assistance. Business, studies, personal needs, after all many things demand additional support besides the earnings. Figuralloans provides this required additional support and that too with comfort through doorstep loans. We do not let people surrender in front of the financial mess, as we know we can offer them the due and desired solution.

Need a Loan at Doorstep in Your Local Area?

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How the funds reach to the borrower?

Through a very simple and predictable procedure, we deliver cash to the borrower. No hassle of formalities; only due things are done and that too with utmost concern for the precious time of the applicant. Nothing is there to cause delay. Just look at the procedure below – 1. Fill and submit the loan application – This is the first step and quite easy. Provide only basic financial and personal details. 2. Get the approval decision – We are always instant and within minutes after the application submission, the approval decision comes. 3. Fix the meeting with our loan agent – Once the application is approved, we call to fix the meeting for the delivery of cash. 4. The loan agent visits – The loan representative then visits the borrower to deliver the cash. However, before that, some formalities and cross check of financial documents take place. Then the loan agent tailors the deal according to the borrower and after the final and mutual consent gives the loan amount in cash.

Repayments – We do not leave unattended even after delivery of cash

Our hint is to home collection of repayments. On every date decided for the instalments, the same agent visits the borrower and collects the repayments.
  • Is it possible to change the repayment plan?
Of course, it is possible. In case of any financial issue if the borrower wants to change the repayment schedule for instance – date, it is certainly possible. Send a message or call to us and our agent is sure to come to discuss the new schedule.

The perfect balance of ‘no obligations’ and ‘customisation’

Our loans are accompanied by no obligation loan quote. The applicant borrows funds with no collateral and guarantor. This gives a little rise in the interest rates but as our deals are customised, in totality the loan remains under the affordability limits of the borrower. Figuralloans has a deep concern for the borrowers and our aim is to help people grow in a financial atmosphere where they can achieve a future security. Our focus is the well-being of the fund seekers and for that, no due change is impossible for us.

Prime features of our loans

To facilitate smooth funding, we enhance our loan products with multiple features. They ensure the ease to the borrowers and materialise best experience with us.
  • Good, Fair and Bad credit history are accepted.
  • No upfront fee
  • No hidden costs
  • On time fund disbursement at home
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • No prepayment penalty

Prime beneficiaries

No doubt, our doorstep loans are available to everyone but we love to serve to certain categories of applicants that do not get much help. 1. People with no bank account Still there are several people that prefer to do the transactions in cash. They do not have any bank account. With us, they can get money right at their doorstep. They want to manage finances in cash, we are there to help. 2. People with physical illness Our team of experts have designed doorstep loans with focus on the needs of a common borrower. With a satisfying repay capacity, the people with any physical disability can get funds. There are no issues of rejection if they are living on benefits. 3. Unemployed people Again, our concern is to serve the financial concerns of the common borrower. Fund seekers without any job can apply and avail funds with the same condition of repayment capacity. The situation of a jobless person is easy to understand, the mountain of debts and pending obligations is not easy to tackle. If through the latest salary slips and bank statements they can prove the repayment capacity and can show some signs of its continuation in the future, we can certainly help. 4. Doorstep Loans in Newcastle by Figuralloans are available on competitive deals. With us, only fair and best loan deals are possible. Get In Touch With Us, Apply For The Loan And Leave The Rest On Us. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to