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What are Cash flow Loans?

Cash flow loans are primarily unsecured business loans where the lender provides funding on the projection of future cash flows.

You are a small company or looking for the start-up. You may not have tangible assets to secure a loan but have a substantial cash flow. This is enough to get adequate funding to grow your business.

Most of the time, cash flow lending is applied by those companies who are seeking high growth. It can be risky for the lender as no assets are there to secure the funding. At the same time, borrowers also have to pay slightly higher interest rates due to the unsecured lending nature of these loans.

Most of the time, cash flow lending is applied by those companies who are seeking high growth. It can be risky for the lender as no assets are there to secure the funding. At the same time, borrowers also have to pay slightly higher interest rates due to the unsecured lending nature of these loans.

Our easy-to-get loans can help your business to achieve bigger goals. Irrespective of your business needs, our qualified team can lend a helping hand to take you towards implementing expansion plans.

What are the features of Cash Flow Loans?

If your business has the qualities of being an established venture in the UK, you can obtain the needed amount without pledging loan collateral. We allow cash flow loans for small businesses, which are affordable and valuable in your business growth plans and contribute a lot to the cash flow.

There are many more loan features, which you can know by continue reading below.

  • No Loan Security Needed

    These loans are very unlike other business loans in the UK. You can get the funds straightway without risking your vital assets. Instead of the assets, lenders are ready to believe in your business's capacity to grow further, as cash flow is steady now. It means you will not lose your assets if you make late or no repayments. However, other charges may be applicable.

  • Funding According to your Affordability

    Cash flow loans run on different criteria as compared to standard business loans. You get the loans not according to the value of your assets. Instead, you acquire funding according to your affordability. You get the amount, which you can repay. We want to analyse the capacity of your annual revenues to cover the repayment cost.

  • Repayment Terms come with Flexibility

    Unlike other direct lenders for business loans, we are relatively flexible regarding the repayment terms. You can choose the ideal term in which you can make all the repayments without missing any instalments. If you have a slightly tight cash flow, we suggest you opt for a longer loan term with lower monthly repayment. Otherwise, you can opt for a small loan duration.

  • Plenty of choices on Loan Terms

    We offer cash flow loans from 12 months to 60 months. If you need a smaller amount, you can opt for a smaller loan term. Before deciding the final loan term, you should consider two to three things. For instance, how much amount do you need, how will you repay the loan and will it impact your credit history?

  • Ideal option during financial emergency

    Small businesses often find themselves in financial emergencies. They can be in any form, but the outcome is quite similar, nothing but a financial imbalance. You can opt for cash flow loans to avoid this situation, as the approval comes early without indulging in formalities.

When Business Cash Flow Loan Benefits You and When Not?

We have helped many businesses in maintaining their financial balance. Our business cash flow loans are worth applying whenever your business requires extra funding to manage certain expenses.

Running a health business needs a sustainable cash flow, which we provide to you on many benefits. Do you want to know those loan benefits? Here they are:


  • You get significant funding when you require it at any cost.
  • Cash flow loans have the benefit of using funds for any business purpose. You can use it to consolidate your business debts.
  • As a borrower, you have peace of mind after availing of these loans, as no collateral or other formalities are needed.
  • You can use the loans when you are struggling with the cash flow. However, you should have a strong business plan.


  • Cash flow loans are usually expensive as the interest rates are normally higher.
  • You have to give a personal guarantee to get the loan approval. It brings your business on the line of loan collateral.
  • Most lenders mandate to keep the automatic repayment per month. Sometimes, you have the cash flow with no specific date. It may become a burden on you.
  • Easy availability of loans can attract you a lot. You may apply for the loans when you do not need them.

How Cash Flow Loans are different from Secured Business Loans?

You want to apply cash flow loans for businesses, and it is a good thing to have during the tricky situation. At the same time, you should know that these loans are pretty dissimilar to conventional loan options like secured business loans.

Secured loans include formalities mainly related to business credit history and overall financial capacity. On the other hand, cash flow loans run on one factor, which is the capacity of the business to produce more cash flow.

There are many more differences between these loans, which are mentioned below:-

Cash Flow Loans

  • These loans are free from the compulsion of providing the loan collateral.
  • Cash flow loans work best for small business owners. They can get loan approval based on their expected future cash flow.
  • Interest rates may be the concern, but choosing a responsible lender can solve this problem too.

Secured Business Loans

  • Pledging an asset is mandatory when someone applies for secured business loans.
  • Secured loans are more suited to those businesses that have considerable business revenues and have more repayment capacity.
  • With collateral is already there, you can get loans on low-interest rates.

How Start-Up Loans for Cash Flow Function?

One thing is for sure that start-up loans for cash flow are short-term business loans. These have smaller loan terms and amounts as compared to long-term loans for businesses. Given below are the specifications of how these loans work.

  • We do not know what other lenders are providing, but we offer loans for a maximum of 60 months.
  • When it is related to short-term funding, borrowers have the chance of getting quick funding that may be within a single day.
  • You do not need any physical presence at our location, as we always deal with borrowers online. The loan procedure is also online, carrying a single page form to complete.
  • Loan decision comes in minutes due to lesser formalities, and it will be based upon your future cash flow capacity.
  • Same day funding is quite possible since everything is online. You can use the funds straight away.
  • The repayments are also manageable from your monthly earning, as the interest rates are competitive.

The procedure to get the loans is simple, but Figuralloans offer only affordable cash flow loan deals. You get the amount according to your business’s earning capacity.

Do Cash flow loans suit start-ups or established small businesses?

Cash flow finance in the UK is helpful for small businesses more than start-ups. This is a reality, and the recent UK trends are highlighting the same.

Lenders like us tend to consider business records and account summaries before granting the funds. We do so because no collateral is there, and we have to analyse your business financial activity to prepare an affordable cash flow loan.

Most start-ups lack in such activities, as they have just started their venture. Some lenders even look at the personal and business credit scores. Start-up firms usually struggle with these criteria. However, we are flexible in our approach, and we consider only your recent credit performance rather than the past credit.

Even the interest rates on the loans are suitable for the established small businesses. It is because they have the record to show their repayment capacity. Once getting the funds, the small ventures can utilise the borrowed money for various purposes other than for cash flow financing:-

  • Adding equipment
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Buying stock
  • Making an investment
  • Renovating office premises
  • Paying wages

The start-up companies can look for these options, but they have other alternatives too. For instance, they can opt for secured business loans, unsecured business loans, working capital loans and many more.

Why choose Figuralloans for business cash flow loans?

Figuralloans is one of the UK’s most preferred lending choices for business loans. Business cash flow loans are the significant part of this. We offer flexible lending solutions matching to your business needs irrespective of the size of your company.

In particular, for the small businesses, we are more dedicated to becoming their ally while increasing cash flow and business growth.

  • We have a team of loan experts who are ready to guide you without charging anything.
  • We offer loans on both fixed and flexible rates in which you can choose according to your capacity.
  • You can make early repayments with no extra costs, and we offer a buffer period for late repayments too.

We have set an objective to ensure practical solutions to your business finance needs. Cash flow loans can do what other options may not. Therefore, do not overthink. Start applying for loans now.