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What are Quick Business Loans? Fund Your Business Dreams

Quick business loans are particularly embellished for those entrepreneurs requiring instant and quality loan assistance.

These funding sources also provide secure ways of enhancing an individual's earning. These instant business loans prove vital for those who are indulged in income-generating activities and want to increase their revenue.

Aspiring for a business is always good to give a new boost to your financial life. The biggest challenge comes when you lack the sufficient fund to fulfil this. You must have kept savings for this and already decided on a location, hired a small staff and purchased all types of equipment.

Suddenly, you realise a funding gap to cover up the emergency expenses. In such circumstances, these small business loans bring those urgent funds to your bank account without any hassle.

Figuralloans offers loans all over the UK and ensures no one can remain untouched with our affordable business lending deals.

How to be eligible for Quick Business Loans in the UK

Traditional lenders are very much specific about funding small business owners. It is because they do not have anything significant to present their repayment capacity to the lenders. Therefore, business owners have to go through tough eligibility criteria.

We, on the other hand, keep the criteria on the comfortable side. We want each small business owner can get desired funds to grow their capital. It is why we follow the FLEXIBLE lending to invite everyone to apply for quick business loans in the UK.

See below what we have in our eligibility requirements:-

  • You should be an individual entrepreneur or merchant;
  • You must be above 21 years of age;
  • You should have possessed at least six months experience in the same business;
  • You can show the capability of running a business for making significant profits;
  • You must have a savings or current account;
  • You can have security to pledge to the loan amount.
  • You can bring a guarantor to increase the chances of loan approval.

If you think you can qualify on the above criteria, you can unlock your Smartphone or laptop to apply for our short-term business loans. Remember, we offer only affordable loan deals that are according to your recent earning and repayment capability.

What is the application procedure for Quick Small Business Loans?

On the same lines with eligibility, our loan application procedure for quick small business loans is straightforward as well. It is 100% online with minimum documentation to submit, and no legwork is required. It will take only a few minutes to complete, and everyone can easily fill this.

Here are the steps to follow to apply for fast business loans:-

  1. Apply with a Single-Page Form

If you have qualified for the above eligibility pre-requisites, you can start filling an application form given on our website. The form is as simple as it can require only basic details to mention. We promise you that your details will remain confidential.

  1. Get an Instant Loan Quote

Once your creditworthiness is shown to us, our loan experts instantly revert to you with an obligation-free loan quote. Read every detail of it and give your confirmation.

  1. Fund Raise

After receiving your consent on the loan quote, we immediately start realising asked funds to your bank account. We ensure it reaches you on the same day, but we expect you to apply early in the day so that we can reckon your application first.

  1. Loan Repayments

It may not be the actual part of the loan applying procedure but a significant part of the entire process. You have to pay a specific monthly instalment each month up to the decided term as the loan repayment.

Which Businesses Can Qualify for Quick and Easy Business Loans?

At Figuralloans, we offer affordable business loans ideal for start-ups or the existing ones. We finalise the terms and conditions according to your annual returns and an efficient business plan. We are already prepared with tailor-made loan deals, which help several businesses.

We offer almost all types of businesses in which some of them are mentioned below.

Event Planners

Working Capital

Agricultural Suppliers




Barbershop Owners



If you are running a business other than these categories, you can instantly contact us to know whether you can get grants or not. Our loan experts are available throughout the business day and ready to answer your each query.

What are the Benefits of Quick Unsecured Business Loans?

Figuralloans is an online direct lender in the UK offering quick unsecured business loans to allow capital for entrepreneurs all over the UK. Many business owners have already raised their capital by borrowing with us, and you could be the next.

We have increased our borrowers' base through the flexible loan deals that we used to offer. We do not believe in pushing our terms to the borrowers without knowing their financial concerns. We are not only the loan provider but also your funding partner too. Whenever you lack the funds, you can approach us anytime.

The loan benefits we offer match everyone's commercial needs. Moreover, each benefit makes us different from other business loan lenders in the UK.

  • Quick Processing

We do not delay the process. As mentioned earlier, each loan step is online and away from the heavy documentation. You apply today, and you get the approval today. Moreover, you get the desired funding on the same working day too. However, you need to be sincere in mentioning only true details.

  • Flexible Repayment Methods

We make sure every borrower remains on the comfortable side. Therefore, we have divided the loan repayment methods into three. These are:-

  • Bi-Monthly Loan Repayments
  • Monthly Loan Repayments
  • Quarterly Loan Repayments

You can choose any one of these repayment methods according to your earning capacity. You make sure to repay each instalment on time because any missing repayment can disturb your credit records.

  • Secured and Unsecured Business Loans

Do you want to borrow large funds based on a valuable asset to use as loan collateral? Are you going through a financial emergency and need quick funding without using an asset? We have the loans for both of these requirements.

Our secured business loans allow you to borrow a significant amount for the larger business goals. The benefits like low interest rates and assured approval are always with the borrowers. On the other hand, our unsecured business loans pave the way for instant funding for your smaller financial goals. There is no need to put any asset against the loan, and therefore, these are considered risk-free loans.

  • Wide range of loan amounts

Our flexible lending nature brings benefits from all corners. As part of it, we offer a wide range of loan amounts. If you need urgent funding, we can offer you loans from £1000 to £5000. If you need more funds, then we can stretch that amount up to £15000. The end is not there because we can extend the borrowing limit up to £25000 for the significant business expenses.

  • Access loans alongside other lending product

We ensure this unique benefit for our borrowers, unlike other private lenders in the UK. We can offer you quick business loans even if you are already availing of another loan product. The interest rates will be on the competitive side, and affordable deals are assured.

Can I Apply for Quick Business Loans for Bad Credit?

A poor credit score is always a constraint for small business owners. The mainstream lenders put a lot of restrictions in front of them, particularly the higher interest rates. We come as their alternative and become a specialist provider of quick business loans for bad credit.

We are paying attention to your current financial scenario combined with,

  • Recent financial performance
  • Current income capacity

It means your present financial condition holds significance, not your financial past. The interest rates will be on the competitive side, and with only affordable lending, there is a possibility of bad credit business loans on guaranteed approval in the UK.

  • Can I Get Business Loans with No Credit Check?

As we already provide specialised business loans for poor credit, many borrowers expect us to provide quick business loans with no credit check in the UK. Offering loans with no credit perusal is quite difficult for a lender, but we can consider this if your current financial performance is up to the mark.

If a credit check becomes mandatory for us, then it will only be a soft credit check. It clearly indicates that you have the maximum chance of loan approval with us despite your low credit profile.

Why Figuralloans?

With us, you have wider chances of getting loans on favourable deals. We are the responsible direct lender in the UK, offering business loans on flexible norms.

We have various quick business loan options to help businesses of all sizes, such as:-

  • Start-up companies
  • Limited companies
  • Sole traders
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Small and medium businesses

If you fit into any of these businesses and need money immediately, start applying here and use the borrowed sum for any purpose.