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Get a Low-credit score loan from £1000- £25000

Figuralloans, we understand finding a suitable loan with low credit scores in the UK is challenging. Thus, we offer you an amazing range of loans for low credit scores in the UK.

Personal factors may stop you from securing the funds you need. Whether you need to make that car purchase or have been rejected a loan because of bad credit, it can cause money worries. This is where we may help you with loans with a low credit score.

We offer loans up to £25000 that could help you with the finances you need. You can apply so through our simple and quick application method.

Low Credit Score Loan: Loans for All Credit Ratings

If you have struggled in the past to secure a loan on low credit, you can do so now!

What is a Low Credit Score?

A credit score is a number that a lender prioritises before lending money to an individual. If someone has a credit score below 500, he/she may not qualify for a loan. Credit reference agencies use different scoring systems to determine your credit score. The bank analyses credit card payments, address history, and court records before granting credit.

What Are the Primary Causes for a Low Credit Score?

There are multiple causes for a low credit score:

  • Late payments
  • Past credit history
  • Having County Court Judgements against you
  • You never had a credit card or credit profile for the lenders can check

What is a Low Credit Score Loan?

A low credit score loan or loan with a low credit score is for borrowers who have been declined the loan because of bad or very poor credit score.

We understand not everyone has a perfect credit score to borrow loans but deserves a loan regardless of their past credit score history. It is unfair to penalise your present circumstances. If you can afford a little, we can help you with the rest of the journey with our low credit score loan and loans with a credit score under 200.

At Figuralloans, you can get a low credit score loan quote without affecting your credit score and instantly have the money in your account.

What are the Types of Low Credit Score Loans?

If you have issues with your credit score and find it difficult to apply for a loan on low credit score, here are some loans that we accept irrespective of past credit history.

  • £5000 Personal Loans: Check whether you qualify for £5000 personal loans by contacting us and applying online for low-interest rates today.
  • No Guarantor Loans: Get loans without a guarantor and fulfill your emergency needs without the wait. Ensure you repay the amount on the due date to avoid penalties.
  • Instalment Loans: Take personal and commercial loans and pay with regular repayments and instalments. Borrow a small amount for a set period and pay it back slowly over time
  • Bad Credit Business Loans: Seeking a business loan with bad credit? Get bespoke offers on loans for your small business at the best interest rates.
  • Self Employed Loans: Not only salaried individuals, but self-employed individuals can also seek loans now. You can apply online and repay at your convenience.

What Should I Consider Before Borrowing a Low Credit Score Loan?

No loan comes without a risk. You should analyse the terms and conditions before signing off the document. A borrower with loans with a low credit score is bound to default more. Thus, there are certain things to consider:

  • Is the loan affordable?
  • How much can you borrow given the increased interest rate?
  • Analyse your credit score?
  • How can you improve your credit score?

If you consider these points before applying for a low credit score loan, you will get the best loan for your needs.

Is There Any Upfront Fee for a Low Credit Score Loan?


Rates from 49.9% to 1263% APR and loans for low credit scores in the UK are available for the tenure of 2 months to 12 months.

We help you facilitate hassle-free solutions, and approve low credit score loans with bad credit history besides the usual credit score.

Compare Low Credit Score Loans

  • Check Eligibility
  • Get accepted
  • Take control

Loan type

Representative APR

Available Amount

Min/Max Term

Unsecured loans 49.9% £1000- £25000 6 months- 5 years

Here the lending depends upon the borrower’s potential to afford and monthly income.

How do you want to repay the loan?

  • Single payment
  • Weekly payments
  • Monthly payments

Can I get a 500-Credit score loan in the UK quickly?

Whether you are looking for a 500-credit score loan in the UK, you need to go through a credit screening process before approval.

We grant loans for low credit scores, i.e., 561-720, and very bad credit score loans in the UK, i.e., > 561, to individuals for meeting their emergency requirements like home improvement, marriage, emergency medical bills, etc.

We are also among the few no credit score loans and loans with low credit score providers in the UK, with no fees to pay for a 500-credit score loan.

How to apply for a loan with a low credit score in the UK?

At Figuralloans, we offer credit help regardless of your credit score; loans for low credit score, UK. Compared to other lenders, we take a personalised approach to lending money and grant freedom to the borrower to lend money effortlessly.

You can get a quick loan for a low credit score by applying online. This quote can help you gather an idea about our loans on poor credit offerings and repayment options. It will also help you in making the right choice.

We assign a personal customer care manager who fully accesses the financial standing of the customer. If you comply with our low credit score loan on the UK criteria, you get an instant loan within 24 hours.

You can apply for low credit score loans by following just three simple steps.

  • Step 1 - tell us about your situation
  • Step 2- Get an instant call from the representative
  • Step 3- Get money within 24 hours (working day)

As mentioned above, we DO NOT charge any fee after approving loans for low credit score UK; low credit score loans. Before applying for the loans, check whether it is the right option for you.

If you miss repayments for long, you may be charged more. Thus, it will eventually affect your credit file/score. For proper assessment, contact the best loans with low credit score UK companies like us.

Who Should Apply for A Low Credit Score Loan?

Eligibility for a low credit score loan

  • Poor credit score (below 500)
  • Denied assistance from other lenders
  • Need immediate money
  • Seeking no credit check loans
  • Above 18 years of age,
  • Full-time, part-time, self-employed
  • Regular income
  • Have a bank account and debit card

Although meeting the above criteria may not guarantee you a low credit score loan instantly, we can help with a wider range of options depending on the individual customer's circumstances.

(It won’t affect your credit score)

How Do Repayments Work for a Low Credit Score Loan?

The repayments for loans for low credit scores are collected by the bank on a scheduled date each month. The borrower himself decides the time and the repayment conditions. Owing to this, most customers or borrowers choose to pay on the day they receive their monthly income, i.e., Friday of every month.

We collect your repayments in equal monthly instalments and send you a reminder mail and notification a week before and a few days before to remind you of the repayments.

The funds will be deducted automatically from your bank account on the due date. Well, it is an open choice whether you want to choose the automatic deduction feature. But we at Figuralloans believe that late repayments or piled-up repayments can affect a customer's credit score and standing. Thus, ease up the repayment deal for loans with a low credit score.

  • What if I have financial constraints in the middle of repayments?

    We act sympathetically to clients experiencing difficulty in paying low credit score loans. If you find it challenging to repay the loan, contact us early. By contacting us at an early stage, you may avoid collection charges. The team will help you switch to a more comfortable repayment plan depending on your current financial situation.

    But beware of delaying the low credit score loan further, as it may affect your credit score negatively as we share the payment performance information with the credit agencies. Thus, communicate honestly to help us provide you with a solution, and hassle-free carry forward with the loan.

How Does Credit Score Check Affect Your Loans with Low Credit Score Lending ability?

Here is the credit score table to help you figure out a loan for low credit score amounts and affordability.

Credit Score


Excellent: 961-999 You can easily get the best low-interest loans, and mortgages (but no guarantees)
Good: 861- 960 You can get the most credit card deals, loans, and mortgages, but not the best deals
Fair: 721-880 You might get OK credit loans but the credit limits will vary from low-high
Poor: 561-720 You might get accepted for credit cards, loans, and mortgages but have higher interest rates
Very poor: 0-560 You might be refused credit for loans and mortgages

You can check the table above and analyse whether you qualify for low credit score loans or very bad credit score loans in the UK.

How Does A “No Credit Check” Loan Work on Low Credit Score?

When you need a short-term loan to cover an emergency expense, you must know all the options available to you. And this includes no credit check loans for low credit scores from direct lenders.

Having a low credit score can make it challenging to get credit, and it makes individuals shift to a more convenient option for no credit check loans.

At Figuralloans, we provide quick loans without credit check in no time to help you meet your emergency loan.

The common procedure for sanctioning loans includes a soft and hard credit check. Lenders not performing a credit check usually put some conditions like recent financial performance should be accurate. Still, all lenders must lend money according to the laws. It includes credit checks and affordability tests.

Some lenders consider conducting a soft credit check before a complete full credit check. The soft credit check does not leave a note on your credit file.

If you are looking for a low credit score loan with a poor credit score, you can successfully apply for a no credit loan online. We will carry out a soft check, and then you can get the loan approved quickly.

How to Improve Credit Score?

  • Pay down revolving credit balances
  • Check credit report for errors
  • Enquire about negative entries that have been removed from the credit card report
  • Lower your credit utilisation ratio
  • Consolidate debts
  • Open a secured credit card
  • Live within your means or frame a budget

Why choose Figuralloans for a low credit score loan?

  • Borrow any amount between £1000-£25000
  • Repay your loan for 12months-5 years
  • Flexible loans for low credit score UK terms
  • Fair, bad and poor credit loans
  • Competitive interest rates for poor credit holders
  • No additional fee to pay
  • You can pay your loan early


Can I Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

Some lenders help with low credit score loans for those with a poor or bad credit history. So, if a mainstream lender has turned you down for a loan, you can contact us and apply for loans with a low credit score.

But you will need to prove your credibility for timely repayment and have no previous debts. It is because bad credit loans have high-interest rates compared to mainstream lending or high street banks

Check for the eligibility criteria for loans online. It is easy to apply for a loan. Certain loans for low credit score uk companies help approve quickly, while some may subject borrowers to a strict credit check.

What Loans Can I Approve of With a Low Credit?

You might not qualify for every loan with bad credit, but there are certain loans that you can apply for, like short-term loans, bad credit loans or no guarantor loans, and business loans.

For approval, you might need a friend or a family member to vouch for you.

How much Can I borrow?

At Figuralloans, we offer low credit score loans or no credit score loans starting from £10000-£25000, subject to credit and affordability assessments. It will help you choose a repayment plan that would not be a burden on your financial difficulties.

Can I settle my loan early?

Yes, you can settle your loan early as there are no pre-payment penalties.

Does getting a low credit loan to impact my credit score

No, your credit score will not be affected to get a loan quote. If you go to a bank and apply for a loan, the updated status is shared with the credit reference agency. Here, it may affect your credit score.

What happens if my low credit score loan is declined?

If your loan quote is unsuccessful, you will not be charged a fee, and it will not affect your credit score. If you proceed with your application, your application will be shared with the reference agency.

What credit searches will you do for loans with a low credit score?

Figuralloans will conduct a soft search for approving a loan for a low credit score. This search will not affect your credit score. After you pass the first screening phase and approve the loan conditions, we will conduct another screening, which will be visible to other lenders. Alternatively, you can use various online methods to calculate your credit score and eligibility for loans with low credit score UK approval.